Muncie Power Products can now provide all of your auxiliary hydraulic power needs with our new DC Power Pack. Muncie Power Products has always been known as the industry leader in providing quality Power Take-Offs and wet line hydraulic systems for the truck equipment industry. We continue that tradition and have broadened our product line with these quality power packs. Quality products with customer service from your Global Mobile PowerTM source.

  • 5 Standard Function types to choose from.
  • Choose from either Steel or translucent Polyethylene reservoirs.
    Steel: 5 capacity sizes from 2.1 qt./(2L) to 15.8 qt./(15L)
    Poly: 4 capacity sizes form 1.5 qt./(1.4L) to 10.5 qt./(10L)
  • 6 pumps sizes from .061 cu. in./(1.0cc) to .192 cu. in./(3.15cc)
  • 1800W, high capacity 5", 12 VOC electric motor with thermal overload protection standard.
  • Assemblies for either horizontal (std.) or vertical mounting.
  • Two button 22 Ft. electrical control standard. Optional manual hand valve.
  • 60 Micron suction line strainer & 40 micron breather cap standard.
  • Numerous Options including polyethylene motor cover, mounting brackets and pressure compensated flow controls.
  • Pre-assembled application specific assemblies available for quick delivery.
  • SAE O-ring porting.
  • Cast aluminum central manifold.
  • Pump check valve standard on most models.
  • Machining for cartridges are all SAE industry standards.


     Custom assemblies can be had by specifying any of the numerous variations

     available for different pump sizes, reservoir sizes, reservoir types, and valve controls:

  • Dump Bodies

  • Lift Gates

  • Bale Spikes

  • Snow Plows

  • Aerial Lifts

  • Aerial Ladders

  • Cranes

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Material Handling

  • Auxiliary Power Supply

  • Man Lifts

  • Scissors Lift

  • Pump/Motor

  • Pump/Motor/Reservoir Assembly

  • 3 Way Valve Operation
    4 Way Valve Operation

  • Multiple NFPA-DO3 Style Directional Valves


All standard units shown below are shipped with horizontal mounting, 2cc pump, polyethylene 5.3qt reservoir, and 12V motor relay, pump check valve, and relief valve except units where noted.

Part Number
Typical Application Description
Auxiliary Power Supply No Reservoir, no Check, no RV, motor relay
Auxiliary Power Supply
Multiple Function
Reservoir, incl. Check and RV, Port manifold to accept NFPA-D03 dir. valves**, has -6 DOT Ports
Snow Plow (basic) Plow up/down, left/right, PO check's, 4 Button electrical control, cross over relief valves, 1.5 qt. poly reservoir
SA Cylinders 2 pos. 3 way, incl. check, rv, corded control
Tail Gate (SA Cyl.) 2 pos. 3 way, incl. check, rv, man. hand control
DA Cylinders 2 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, corded control
Bale Spike (DA Cyl.) 2 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, PO ck's, corded control
DA Dump Body 3 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, port rv, corded control, 8.5 qt. Poly
Auxiliary Power Supply/
Multiple Function
10.5 qt. Poly Reservoir, incl. check, relief valve, and valve enclosure, vertical mounting

** Valve port blocks sold separately (1 required per add on valve) Maximum 3 valves on enclosure style. NFPA-D03 valves sold separately.